Some Descendants of Rev. John Tindall of Devonshire, England
Through His Son, Richard Tindall, Who Emigrated to America about 1674
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Florence Erma Tindall (F)
b. 4 December 1914
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     Descendant Chart for Rev. John Tindall

     Florence Erma Tindall died; Disappeared in about 1942. She [Dawn Donna rtindall.FTW]

-Attended Tindall grade school with her siblings. A very astute student, she advanced rapidly through the grades, graduating from Rock Island High School when she was only sixteen years old. I have a picture of her from the school annual
book. At the age of 18, she enrolled at Moline Public Hospital where she earned her R.N. degree.
-Her first husband, Frank was Catholic and Erma's mother (Florence Bollinger Tindall) could not stand him--so Erma and Frank went to California. Later she divorced him and she went back to the Stockton area of California to work as a nurse in
a hospital.
-She later married Paul Foster. According to her sister, Edith Tindall Mueller, Erma moved to Chico, Ca when she left Paul, possibly to take a nursing position. Paul Foster moved to Hawii after Erma left. After she left for California this
time, no one ever heard from her but they did hear from Paul. My mother, Zoe Tindall Peterson, said that Paul wrote to say that Erma wanted a divorce and left him. He eventually sent some of her things home.
-The family lost contact with her shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor at the start of World War I in December 1941. Myra Tindall Goenne (Erma's siser) received her last letter from Erma on December 13, 1941. The text of the letter
Stockton, California, December 12, 1941
Dear Myra, Bob and Evelyn,
Enjoyed your birthday card very much. Was nice to hear from all you people again. I guess none of us are much force at writing but Mom. She always writes a nice long one. Edie sent some pictures of Freddie and enjoyed them a lot.
We are not sending any gifts this Christmas so please don't send us any. We don't feel able to do much in the face of this war situation. Maybe next year we will be better off but I am afraid most of us will be worse off.
Heard you people bought a new auto. Hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours. Won't be much opportunity to buy any now for a time.
We are both fine and working hard.
The Japs have taken most of the Spirit out of the Christmas Season. All week there was hardly a soul up town. Few more today (Saturday) but not many.
How is the farming by now? Most all frozen by now I suppose.
Doesn't seem possible Bessie Lieckefeitt (?) is old enough to be married. Guess I am an old-timer and don't know it. I can't see as I feel any older than I did 5 years ago.
Hope this finds you all well and happy. Best wishes from both of us to both (3) of you for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous 1942.
Paul and Erma
-This was written when my mother (Zoe Tindall Peterson) was pregnant with me and she thought that Erma has asked to "Be sure to let me know if it is a boy or girl." She was nurse. She was born on 4 December 1914 at Tindall farm, Bowling Township, Rock Island County, Illinois. She was born on 4 December 1914. She was the daughter of Herman Tindall and Florence Bollinger.

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