Some Descendants of Rev. John Tindall of Devonshire, England
Through His Son, Richard Tindall, Who Emigrated to America about 1674
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Daisy Tindall (F)
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     Descendant Chart for Rev. John Tindall

     Daisy Tindall was the daughter of William T. Tindall and (?) (?). Daisy Tindall married Charles Colvin on 3 July 1864 at Rock Island, Illinois. According to a conversation with someone (?)in the family, probably Mary Wangelin, William Tindall was Mary Wangelin's paternal great uncle. If this is the same William Tindall who once owned Hugh and Mary Tindall Wangelin's farm, he had an illegitimate daughter, Daisy Tindall. This could then be the Daisy Quillan (sp?) listed in his will1 and would make up the 10 children indicated in the 1877 source from Rock Island County.2
The will of William Tindall, dated 8 March 1879, indicates that his wife was Maria Tindall at the time of its writing, the executor of his estate was his brother, John, and there are names of at least some of his children.
It appears that Daisy Tindall married Charles Colvin, the brother of Margaret Colvin who was the third wife of William.3 This seems to be supported by the 1933 Tindall Family Reunion Record where there was a Daisy Tindall Colvin who was born 22 Feb 1863 and lived at 4425 16th Ave in Rock Island, IL.4

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