Some Descendants of Rev. John Tindall of Devonshire, England
Through His Son, Richard Tindall, Who Emigrated to America about 1674
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William T. Tindall (M)
b. 18 July 1809, d. 27 December 1882
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     William T. Tindall married (?) (?). William T. Tindall was born on 18 July 1809 at Worcester County, Maryland. He was the son of Elijah Tindall and Margaret J Wiley. William T. Tindall married Anne Collier on 12 November 1833 at Worcester County, Maryland. William T. Tindall married Maria Hamilton on 12 January 1850 at Ohio. William T. Tindall married Margaret Colvin on 6 September 1880. William T. Tindall died on 27 December 1882 at Bowling Township, Rock Island County, Illinois, at age 73. He was buried at Chippiannock Cemetery, Rock Island, Illinois. The rural School in Milan, Illinois is called the "Tyndall School." The previous spelling of name Tyndall was Tindall, but because the children were teased by being called "tintails", the spelling was changed. The teasing stopped.
HCN, great granddaughter

From "The Past and Present of Rock Island County, Illinois", H. F. Ken & Co. (Chicago 1877):
(The book has a biographical directory listing people living in 1877, separated into townships.)
"Tindall, Wm., Farmer; Sec. 11; P. O. Milan; he was born in Worcester Co., Md., July 18, 1835(sic), owns 100 acres; valued at $5000; lived in Rock Island about 2 years, and at present residence forty years. Married twice; first to Ann Collyer, who was born same Co., May 6, 1813, married Nov. 12, 1833; second to Mrs. Maria Hamilton, born Jan 12, 1827; had ten children; six boys and two girls living."
VK, 1999

Came to Rock Island County on Sept. 20, 1835, living in the city for two years then settling to the country. He is buried in Chippiannock Cemetery, Lot 558, Block 28, Rock Island, Illinois. Verne Tindall said that William had a brother named Ezekial (or Ezekial) that lived in North or South Carolina.
KTT, 1999

William Tindall came to Rock Island County September 20, 1835. He lived in Rock Island about two years and at Milan residence for forty years (as of 1877).

William Tindall was married twice as of 1877, but a hand written note in the margin of this volume indicates a third wife (Margaret Colvin). (Warren Tindall told me that William was married at least 2 times.) In a list of Tindall family marriages in Worcester County, MD 1796-1882 and researched by Warren Tindall, there was a marriage of William Tindall and Nancy Collier on 12 Nov 1833; this was apparently his first wife.

William Tindall was Mary Wangelin's paternal great uncle. If this is the same William Tindall who once owned Hugh and Mary Tindall Wangelin's farm, he had an illegitimate daughter, Daisy Tindall. This could then be the Daisy Quillan (sp?) listed in his will and would make up the 10 children indicated in the 1877 source from Rock Island County.

The will of William Tindall, dated 8 March 1879, indicates that his wife was Maria Tindall at the time of its writing, the executor of his estate was his brother, John, and there are names of at least some of his children.

The will of William Tindall was contested by his third wife, Margaret D. Tindall. Apparently Charles Colvin, the brother of Margaret D. Colvin Tindall, was working with his sister to acquire the entire estate of William, even though she had not been included in the will. Charles and Margaret backed off when the sheriff accused the two of them with absconding with the gold coins, etc. that William had in the house when he died. So that ended their efforts! Interestingly, it appears that Charles Colvin married Daisy Tindall who was apparently the illegitimate daughter of William Tindall!
DT, Spring 2002

I have a note card that indicates that the Rock Island, County web site has the info that William T. Tindall died in Rock Island County, 27 Dec 1882; his brother John was administrator of the estate. The family was from Worcester Co, Maryland.
JS, Friday, 2 Feb 2001. 

He was a Universalist. He was a farmer of 100 acres (valued at $5, 000) in Sec. 11 at Bowling Township, Rock Island County, Illinois.

     Child of William T. Tindall and (?) (?):
Daisy Tindall

     Children of William T. Tindall and Anne Collier:
William E. Tindall   b. 1836
Charles H. Tindall   b. 1838
Sarah L. Tindall   b. 1839, d. b 1879
Mary S. Tindall   b. 1840
Berryman Tindall   b. 1841
Catherine Tindall   b. 1843
Augustus Tindall+   b. 22 Oct 1846, d. 22 Oct 1932

     Children of William T. Tindall and Maria Hamilton:
Lemuel Lemar Tyndall+   b. 23 Oct 1850
Cordelia Alice Tindall   b. 1859
Thomas Sheriden Tindall   b. 1863, d. c 1883

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