Some Descendants of Rev. John Tindall of Devonshire, England
Through His Son, Richard Tindall, Who Emigrated to America about 1674
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Charles Tindall1 (M)
b. circa 1700, d. 1761
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     Descendant Chart for Rev. John Tindall

     Charles Tindall appeared on the census of 1722/23 at Nanticoke Hundred, Somerset County, Maryland.2 He was born circa 1700 at Lewes area, Somerset County, Maryland; area now in Sussex County, Delaware.1 He was the son of Charles Tindall and (?) (?). Charles Tindall married Sarah Hearne before 1734/35 at Somerset County, Maryland.1 Charles Tindall died in 1761 at Somerset County, Maryland; area later in Sussex County, Delaware.1 He left a will on 2 January 1761 that was proved 17 February 1761. He was buried before 17 February 1761 at Somerset County, Maryland; area now in Sussex County, Delaware.

Charles Tindall is assumed to be the son of the Charles Tindall born about 1662. He bought land in Somerset County, Maryland between 1720 and 1760. In 1720, with his brother Ralph, he patented 100 acres, a tract called "Pool Thicket", in the Nanticoke Hundred, on a small brook, which was later called Tindall's Brook, flowing into Deep Creek east of the present Concord. Charles bought several more tracts nearby and lived in the same general area until his death. This land later became part of present day Sussex County, Delaware. It is near Asbury Church and the University of Delaware Experimental Farm.1 In his will dated January 2, 1761, Charles bequeathed to his wife Sarah, "the third part of my movable Estate" and distributed over 500 acres of land to his children. He stated that he wanted to be buried in a Christian manner.

     Children of Charles Tindall and Sarah Hearne:
Elijah Tindall+   b. 1734/35, d. a 1783
Betty Tindall   b. bt 1736/37 - 1739, d. a 17 Feb 1761
Samuel Tindall+   b. bt 1738/39 - 1741, d. Dec 1816
Mary Tindall   b. bt 1741/42 - 1743, d. a 17 Feb 1761
Charles Tindall+   b. bt 1742/43 - 1745, d. b 17 Sep 1831
John Tindall+   b. c 1745, d. May 1786
Vilater Tindall+   b. c 1748/49, d. bt Nov 1802 - Feb 1804
Ann Tindall   b. 1748/49, d. a 17 Feb 1761
Sarah Tindall   b. c 1750/51, d. a 17 Feb 1761

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