Some Descendants of Rev. John Tindall of Devonshire, England
Through His Son, Richard Tindall, Who Emigrated to America about 1674
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Richard Tindall1 (M)
b. circa 1659/60, d. circa 10 November 1697
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     Richard Tindall was born circa 1659/60 at Beerferry, Devonshire, England. He was the son of Rev. John Tindall and Ann Halse. Richard Tindall immigrated in 1674/75 to Fenwick's Colony; "Fenwick" on Ship Griffin for NJ with Settlers. He immigrated in 1677/78; "R. Tindall" to America = Harold W. Clark. He married Elizabeth Vicary in 1678/79 at Somerset County, Maryland. Richard Tindall left a will on 10 November 1697; Will Written. He died circa 10 November 1697 at near Alloway Creek, Old Manneton Precinct, Salem County, New Jersey. He was buried circa 10 November 1697 at near Alloway Creek, Old Manneton Precinct, Salem County, New Jersey.
Richard Tindall received a land grant for 400a. in Somerset County, Maryland in Februiary 1681/2, in an area of the county that is now part of Sussex County, Delaware. No other records have been found regarding Richard or his land. Since the only settlement in the area at that time was in the vicinity of the present day Lewes, it is assumed that the land was located in the Lewes area. He is assumed to be the same as the Richard Tindall who settled in Salem County, New Jersey, just across the Delaware River from New Castle, Delaware, about 1678. This Richard was surveyor-general of Fenwick's Colony and a surveyor for William Penn. He married Elizabeth Vicary, and he died in 1698. Another Tindall, Thomas, probably Richard's brother, settled in the area now Trenton, New Jersey about 1678 and died in 1714.1

Lands sold by Jon. Fenwick in England, and taken up as followeth; (viz)1683-Richard Tindall, Salem-Creeke. Richard Tindall, 00,210 (acres)2

"When George Fox traveled through what is now New Jersey he found a few New England and New York Quakers along the northern coast, at Middletown and Shrewsbury, where a monthly meeting existed before 1670. But West Jersey and Pennsylvania were a red man's wilderness, with only a few Swedes and Dutchmen living along the Delaware. Within a decade, however, the country was opened to settlement by the English, and Quakers established themselves on the river from Salem to Burlington on the Jersey side, and from Chester to the falls in Pennsylvania.
"The founder of the Salem colony was John Fenwick, Northumberland born, who had served in Cromwell's army before his conversion to Quakerism. With another Quaker, Edward Byllynge, he purchased West Jersey from Lord Berkeley, Fenwick receiving as his share one tenth, the present Salem and Cumberland counties. In 1675 he and a group of settlers sailed for New Jersey in the ship Griffin, and founded their colony on the Assamhocking (now Salem) River."3

Will of John Fenwick
1683 Aug. 7. Fenwick, John, Late of Benfield, County of Berks, England, Esqr, "the late Absolute Lord
or Cheife Proprietor by Law & Survivorship of the Province of New Cesaria or New Jersey, And now of
Fenwick's Colony;" will of, (grandchildren etc, Listed) and: makes son-in-law Samuel Hedge Secretary
and Register, Richard Tindall Surveyor General and Thomas Smith Deputy Surveyor General, all for
life; the Town of Salem to be settled as proposed, Cohanziek as the executors agree. Real and personal
estate. Executors--John Smith, of Smithfield, Samuel Hedge of Hedgefield, and RICHARD TINDALL of
Tindall's Bowery, who are each to have 500 acres of land for their trouble. Witnesses--Thomas Yorke
alias Carey and Thomas Webley. Proved April 16, 1684.4

Will of Richard Tindall and Inventory of Estate
1697 Nov. 10. Will of Tindall, Richard, of Tindalls's Bowery, Manneton Precinct, Salem Co.
Wife Elizabeth, An expected child, (Rebekah) children casually mentioned; Edward Vicary, Richard Vicary, Thomas Vicary, John Vicary and James Vicary, all beneficiaries under the will, desired to live with wife Elizabeth until of age. Home farm, 100 acres of land, adjoining Thomas Hackett, 100 a. do, near the Old Pasture, 500 a. at Virgin Spring, 100 a. at Chohansey. Personal property. Executrix-the wife, with Sam'l Hedge and John Paine as assistants. Witnesses - John Mason and John Paine. Recorded May 28, 1698.
1697-8 Feb. 2. Inventory of the estate: 500 acres at Virgin Spring 40 pounds sterling, 100 a. at
Chohansey, called Tindalls Island, 8 pounds sterling, personal 153.18 pound sterling, incl. a Bible, a
Testament and other books 14s., book debts 14.16.3 pounds sterling, due by Roger Milton, Wm.
Batchelor, and John Beswick, made by John Mason and Ric'd Woodnutt.5

     Children of Richard Tindall and Elizabeth Vicary:
Charles Tindall+   b. c 1679/80, d. a 1709/10
Ralph Tindall+   b. c 1684/85, d. a 1728/29
Katrine Tindall   b. 13 Jun 1690
Philip Tindall   b. 17 Mar 1691/92
Elizabeth Tindall   b. 24 Jul 1695
Rebeckah Tindall   b. 2 Feb 1697/98

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